Melidoni Cave is located in 2 km north-west of the village of the same name. From the Stone Age until the arrival of the Romans to the island of the gods it was worshiped. Many finds, some of which are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum in Rethymnon - is one of the reasons to visit Melidoni. There are many reasons to go there. One of them - it's incredible natural beauty. Hanging stalactites, stalagmites sticking out like thousands of teeth in the mouth of a huge cave. Melidoni has three large rooms, but only one is open to see. Attention when you are going on very slippery rocks. During the time of Turkish occupation of Crete rebel groups often hide in caves and mountains. In 1834, about 20 rebels and 370 residents of the village of Melidoni hid from the Turks in this cave. Many had died in the cave from Turkish attacks. Each year, in a small chapel near Melidoni people gather to honor the dead.