Skiathos Caves - Nestled near the captivating Lalaria beach, one of the most popular spots in Skiathos, lies a hidden gem that must not be missed - the awe-inspiring Sea Caves in Skiathos, Greece. Discover Skotini and Galazia, two magnificent caves that showcase nature's unparalleled beauty. Skotini, also known as the "dark cave," boasts a narrow entrance that only a boat can fit through, leading to a 20-meter deep chamber that leaves you spellbound with its mysterious dark beauty. On the other hand, Galazia, also referred to as the "blue cave," is larger in size and mesmerizes visitors with its breathtaking reflections on the rocks. Both these caves are the epitome of natural wonder, making them a must-visit spot in Skiathos. Accessible by boat, you can even anchor your yacht at one of the bays and explore the vivid surroundings. Swimmers and divers are drawn to these caves, making them irresistible to tourists seeking adventure and breathtaking views. Don't forget to include the Sea Caves in Skiathos, Greece on your travel itinerary to witness nature's most remarkable creations.

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