Close to the beach of Lalaria, one of the most photographed beaches in Skiathos are two beautiful sea caves, Skotini and Galazia. Lalaria is located in the northern coast of the island and is the most famous sight of Skiathos. Skotini spilia (dark cave) is the legendary sea cave characterized by its low and narrow entrance where only a boat can pass through. It is about 20 metres deep and its really dark. Galazia spilia (blue cave) is bigger in size as compared to Skotini cave. Its breathtaking reflections on the rocks and its rare beauty are quite mesmerizing. These two caves are regarded as nature's most remarkable creations and are among the most beautiful sights of Skiathos that should not be missed. They are both accessible by boat and you can even tie your yacht in one of the bays and explore the vivid surrounding. Tourists find these sea caves in Skiathos irresistible and they are much preferred by the swimmers and divers who enjoy the underground landscape.