Corfu Museums - The Asian Art Museum in Corfu, Greece is a unique destination for enthusiasts of Far Eastern and Indian art and antiquity. Housed in the 19th century Palace of Sts. Michael and George in Corfu Town, this museum is the only one of its kind in Greece. It boasts a three-story building with the permanent galleries located in the two first-floor wings. The east wing, also called the Gregorios Manos wing, showcases part of the museum's Chinese collection, while the west wing, known as the N. Hadjivassiliou wing, features artefacts from India, Japan and the surrounding areas. With exhibits from China, India, Pakistan, Korea, Siam, Tibet, Nepal, Cambodia, and Thailand, the Asian Art Museum in Corfu has something for everyone. Don't miss the ground floor, where visitors can explore four halls, including the Ionian Senate Conference Hall, as well as the museum's temporary exhibitions. Come and experience the wonders of the Far East and India at the Asian Art Museum in Corfu, Greece.

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