Agios Fokas lies 13 km south west of Skyros town. The location is hidden engulfed among lush pine tree hills which stretch to all directions. It is a lovely area resembling a small lake with white sand and pebble beach. A traditional tavern sits by the side of the beach serving snacks and drinks. The calm waters are nice enough for a swim. A beautiful small chapel sits on the shore overlooking the bay. Many visitors arrive here on bikes during summer even though the roads can be bad. Ideal is a boat trip through this area by which other secluded coves on the coast, with no road access can also be visited. The enclosed beach of Agios Fokas in Skyros is a quiet alternative when other beaches are affected by the strong winds. The dirt road to the beach can be reached by following the main road from Atsitsa to Pefkos village. Once you find the path among the Pefkos hills, drive down the pine forests about 4 km to the beach.