Argyros Mansion (Archontiko Argyrou) is a wonderful traditional mansion in the village of Messaria, in the centre of Santorini Island. Argyros Mansion is renowned for its elegant Neoclassical architecture. This mansion was built in the year 1860 and visitors can get a view of life in Santorini through the past two centuries. The mansion is characterized for its high quality ethnic architecture, the arched ceilings and exquisite floors. There is a sense of romance in the air inside. The museum is located on the first floor and has a good collection of artifacts and antiquities that offers fascinating insight on the fabled Greek tradition, culture and heritage. You will come across unusual paintings, antique furniture and many items dating back to the 19th century. The neighborhood surrounding the mansion is dotted with small shops. This palatial mansion was the main residence of George Argyros, a prosperous landlord and trader of local wine. He built this remarkable mansion in the 1880s and since then it is a family heritage. Sadly a part of the edifice was badly damaged in the earthquake of 1956, after which the building remained uninhabited for 35 years. In 1985, the building was declared "valuable sample of traditional architecture" by the Greek Ministry of Culture and then its renovation started. Today, it works as a museum hosting permanent and temporary exhibitions.