Santorini Museums - Argyros Mansion, also known as Archontiko Argyrou, is a must-visit destination in Messaria, at the heart of Santorini Island in Greece. With its exquisite Neoclassical architecture, Argyros Mansion is a remarkable example of traditional Greek heritage. This mansion, built in 1860, provides a unique insight into the life and culture of Santorini over the past two centuries. Its ethnic architecture, arched ceilings, and stunning floors make it a truly romantic destination.

The museum, located on the first floor, offers a fascinating collection of artefacts and antiquities that showcase the rich Greek tradition and culture. You'll discover unusual paintings, antique furniture, and a variety of items dating back to the 19th century. Surrounding the mansion, visitors will find quaint shops selling local goods.

Argyros Mansion was the main residence of George Argyros, a prosperous landlord and wine trader, who built this palatial mansion in the 1880s. Sadly, a part of the building was damaged in the earthquake of 1956, which left it uninhabited for 35 years. In 1985, the Greek Ministry of Culture declared it a "valuable sample of traditional architecture," and the restoration process began. Today, Argyros Mansion serves as a museum, hosting both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Experience the timeless beauty of the Argyros Mansion in Santorini, Greece, and immerse yourself in its rich history and breathtaking architecture.

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