The Museum of Megaro Gyzi is ideally located in Thira, Santorini by the rear side of the elegant Catholic cathedral. The museum is conspicuous by its exquisite drawings, some of which date back to the 16th century. There are also original dresses and historic maps of the Cycladic group of islands. There is also an exclusive photography pavilion where rare photographs of Fira, taken before and after the 1956 eruption, provide fascinating insight of the capital city of Santorini. The primary reason for setting up the Megaro Gyzi Cultural Centre is the promotion of the culture and heritage of Thira. This museum acts as catalyst for all Cycladic works of art. The exclusive Gyzi Cultural Centre regularly hosts high quality art exhibitions, photographic exhibitions, theatre shows, music concerts, film festivals as well as other cultural programs for the entertainment of both residents of Thira and visitors alike.
The Cultural Center has added the International Piano Competition as one of its major annual events, which has become quite a rage with the visitors. There are rare Cycladic paintings of the 19th century on display at the Megaro Gyzi Cultural Center. Thousands of rare public and confidential documents, the majority of which are in Greek, are of particular significance. However, there are a few documents in other European languages like Italian, Turkish, and Latin. These documents provide a fascinating insight into the culture and lifestyle of Santorini from 16th to 19th century.
The Cultural Center is also known for a fine collection of exceptional paintings by local artists of Santorini that portrays the many facets of life in Santorini. Another permanent exhibit of the cultural center is Katerina Ioannidou exceptional hagiography practice. The Megaro Gyzi Cultural Center has brought out a few highly acclaimed publications that have been very much appreciated by the international community and are much preferred by visitors from abroad who are curious to know more about Santorini's rich virile past.