Rhodes Sights & Monuments - Nestled atop the ancient acropolis lies Feraklos Castle in Rhodes, Greece. Once a haven for pirates, the Knights of St. John claimed the castle and utilized it as a prison after ousting the buccaneers. Accessible via a footpath and steep steps, this climb to the castle's 300m elevation is a bit rugged underfoot. However, the breathtaking panoramic views of Agathi Bay and the charming village of Haraki make the trek well worth it. Keep in mind the entry point to the castle, which can be easy to miss upon your return. Though the fortress walls are the only significant structure remaining, narrow paths amidst the overgrown vegetation offer excellent viewpoints of Agathi Beach and Haraki. As the final bastion to fall to the Ottoman Empire, Feraklos Castle holds a significant place in Rhodes' history.

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