The beach of Megali Ammos is located 7 km north east of Patitiri, the capital of Alonissos. It is small and pebbled with crystalline waters. The surrounding is quite wild and unspoilt with a unique natural beauty that transmits immensity. Megali Ammos beach lies on the west coast of Alonissos. The road is unpaved and a little rough. Traveling from the north west in south direction by the coastline, Megali Ammos is the first beach, followed by Tsakalia, Gialia, Vrisitsa, and Mikros Mourtias. On the other hand, many people also think of Megali Ammos as a whole region, and not as a single beach. It is actually true, in the wider region there are some small coves, ideal for private swimming and sunbathing. Although these beaches are more difficult to reach, the effort really pays off, as you will meet an idyllic environment. The crystal clear waters and the wide area of pine forests create a unique sense of relaxation. Regarding the facilities, it is worth to make clear that the mentioned features about this beach and this whole area have been preserved along time in part because of its lack of shops, restaurants and other amenities. This assures certain level of privacy and tranquility to the place, in spite of being really beautiful and enjoyable.