Since the Corfu Trail was established in 2001, thousands of hikers have followed it the length of the island. 220 kilometres long, Explore this long-distance walking route which leads into a landscape untouched by the mass tourism that has scarred parts of the coastline, delving through the central countryside which visitors rarely discover and explore. Such is the variety of Corfu's scenery that walkers spend no more than an hour in any one landscape; indeed, around every corner a new scene stuns the eye. From the vast beaches and juniper dunes in the island's south, through the rolling olive groves of the central section, to the karst plateau and rugged gorges in the north, the Corfu Trail reveals an island paradise ideal for walkers.
This beautiful trail winds its way from Kavos in southern Corfu, all the way to Agios Spiridonas in northern Corfu. You will pass through many breathtaking locations, villages and stretches of shoreline on your way, and will have a set place to stop each night. The Corfu Trail is set out in 10 distinct stages and usually takes 10 days to complete, depending on how long you wish to stay at each stop.