Thassos Sights & Monuments - The Ancient Agora in Thassos, Greece is an essential historical site and a significant landmark of Thassos. Dating back to the 6th century, this site served as the hub of administration, religion, and politics for the ancient town of Thassos. The Agora was a well-developed complex, complete with buildings, monuments, statues, and temples, which continued to flourish throughout the Roman era until the 3rd century. Unfortunately, the Agora was ravaged for the first time by an invasion of Erules, a tribe from the northern Balkans, in the mid-3rd century BC. Over the centuries, there were several invasions, destructions, and reconstructions in the Agora of Thassos. Despite that, a few monuments still stand, serving as a reminder of the glorious past of this historical site.

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