Thassos, the greenest island in the North Aegean, offers a plethora of attractions to explore, making it a memorable vacation spot. Discover the rich history of Thassos by visiting ancient landmarks such as the Ancient Agora, Ancient Theater, and Archangel Michael, one of the most significant religious structures on the island. Don't miss out on the stunning beaches of Alyki, Skala Potamias, Paradise, and Tripiti, which offer entertainment and relaxation. Despite its small size, Thassos has a hilly core, perfect for trekking while enjoying endless beaches and breathtaking views. You can also explore caves such as the Cave of Pan, located near the historic landmark of Thassos, and the Dragon Cave, filled with stalactites and stalagmites, including one in the shape of a dragon. Check out the below places for sightseeing in Thassos and use the filter above to search for more sights by category and location. Plan your trip and explore the attractions in Thassos now!

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