Rhodes Churches & Monasteries - The Church of Annunciation of Virgin in Rhodes, Greece is a widely recognized religious landmark. Situated just north of Mandraki, the old port of Rhodes Town, the church was constructed in the 1920s during the Italian occupation of the island. Its design was influenced by the Mediaeval Gothic Church of Saint John, located next to the Palace of the Grand Master in Rhodes Old Town. Originally a Catholic church that served the Italian Catholic community, it was later converted into a Greek Orthodox church in 1948 when Rhodes and the other Dodecanese islands were reunified with mainland Greece. Today, the church is designated as the Cathedral of Rhodes and boasts interesting frescoes by the renowned Greek painter, Fotis Kontoglou, as well as Gothic-style doors and windows, arches, and high ceilings. Additionally, a tall bell tower with a clock faces the harbor from the side entrance. Each year, the Church of Annunciation celebrates March 25th with a large religious festival.

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