Dikti Mountain in Lasithi Crete is the primary mountain range in the Lasithi Prefecture and boasts three impressive peaks: Mt. Spathi (2148 m.), Mt. Afentis Hristos (2141 m.), and Mt. Lazaros (2085 m.). It is the dominant feature of the Lasithi Plateau, the largest and most picturesque plateau in all of Crete. The region is steeped in history and mythology, with the famous Diktaion Antron cave, believed to be the birthplace of Zeus, located here. While some believe that Zeus was born on Mt. Idi and raised in Dikteon Andronin, others claim that he was born and raised in the Diktaion Antron.

Visitors to the Lasithi Plateau will enjoy hiking and taking in the stunning scenery. Those who are up for a challenge can hike to the summit of Mt. Spathi. Start at the village of Agios Georgios and ask for directions to the trailhead leading to the small plateau of Limnakaro. The trail is approximately two hours in length. Once at Limnakaro, you will come across a dirt track leading to the shelter of the Mountaineering Club of Lassithi, but be sure to locate the E4 path that leads upward instead. As you ascend, be careful as the ground may be unstable. Once you reach the crest of the mountain, continue to move to the left for an additional two hours. Dikti Mountain in Lasithi Crete is a must-visit for nature and history enthusiasts alike.

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