Mountain Dikti is the main mountain range in Lasithi prefecture. It consists of Mt Spathi (2148 m.), Mt Afentis Hristos (2141m.) and Mt Lazaros (2085 m.). Its mass is dominating the Lasithi Plateau, the largest and prettier plateau in Crete. It is a place to explore with a long history. Here is the Diktaion Antron, a cave where -according to the Mythology- Zeus was born. There is a different myth that claims the birth of Dias (Zeus) was born in Mt. Idi and raised in Dikteon Andronin. Another myth claiming that Zeus was born in Diktaion Antron but raised in Idaion. The Lasithi Plateau is a nice place for hiking and making a pleasant excursion . If you are more ambitious and want to climb to the summit of Mt Spathi, then ask at the village of Agios Georgios for the path leading to the small plateau of Limnakaro. The distance is 2 hrs long. At Limnakaro there is a dirt track leading to the shelter of the Mountaineering Club of Lassithi (30 minutes). Do not follow this road, try to locate the E4 path which leads up. The ground is not very solid, so you have to be cautious. Go all the way up to the crest of the mountain and then keep moving to the left for the next 2 hours. 

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