The Hippocrates Garden Cultural Centre is located in Mastihari Kos and it is dedicated to the ancient Greek physician and father of medicine, Hippocrates of Kos. This private philosophical and cultural centre was created in 2008 by Mrs Julie Zafeiratou and it is actually a replica of a 5th century BC ancient Greek settlement. In particular, the settlement consists of a House (oikos) that is an exact replica of that period's houses, a Philosopher's Arcade and a stone-built Theater of 80 seats. Like the houses of the 5th century BC, this two-storey house is made of local stone has an estia (sitting room with fireplace in the centre), bathroom, kitchen, room for men (androon), room for women (genekonitis) and weaving room. The furniture is handmade and also replicas of ancient furniture. The Philosopher's Arcade is constructed with handmade mosaic on the floor and frescoes on the walls. In the library of the arcade, guests can study the work of ancient Greek philosophers and see antique items of the Modern Greek era, such as books from the 1920s or 20th century household items. The center is surrounded by a beautiful garden with herbs, cedar trees, vineyards and fruit trees. Aiming to discover the brilliance of ancient Greek philosophy, seminars are frequently organized and theatre or dancing performances take place in the theatre, called Dancing Satyr's Theatre.

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