Lasithi Churches & Monasteries - Located at an altitude of 530m, Karydi settlement is in Neapoli. The monastery was founded between 1580 and 1596 by the nobleman Marco Papadopoulos and is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. It has two inputs and two courtyards. On the outer courtyard are the winepress, warehouses, and stables; the monk’s chambers and the water tanks are located in the inner courtyard. Is one of the most impressive monasteries in Crete, as it has a cheese factory and mill.
The church is a single-nave barrel-vaulted church with a pointed arch and a bell tower of hewn stone that, according to legend, dates back to 1618. In addition to the Catholic temple, there is a second temple dedicated to Saint Lazarus, which was built during the Venetian period.
Although the Turks looted and torched the monastery after the 1821 revolution, destroying artefacts and books from the years of Venetian rule, in 1844 it was renovated and opened again, and in 1991 the process of maintenance began. ►View all the sights in Lasithi