The Archaeological Museum in Tinos, Greece is a must-visit attraction located on Megalocharis Ave., en route to the church of the Virgin Mary. This museum showcases a plethora of archaeological discoveries from excavations across the island, primarily from the ancient temples of Demeter, Poseidon, and Exomvourgo. Notable discoveries include impressive, adorned earthenware jars depicting the cycle of Theogony and religious ceremonies of the time, along with embossed pottery creations from a local island workshop. The museum also boasts the remarkable marble sun clock of Andronikos from Kyristo, burial pottery from the Geometric Period (10th–8th c.), sculptures, Hellenistic era heads, everyday pottery, coins, and more. Furthermore, the museum's atrium exhibits additional fascinating discoveries, such as inscriptions, statues, and sculptures featuring marine creatures. Make sure to include the Archaeological Museum in Tinos, Greece on your travel itinerary!

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