Lasithi Gorges - Ha Gorge in Ierapetra, Crete is a natural wonder that's considered the fifth most beautiful gorge in Europe. It's known to be one of the wildest in all of Crete, formed by a rare morphological phenomenon, possibly caused by a tectonic earthquake. Located in front of the charming village of Vassiliki, Ha Gorge is often referred to as the "King of Cretan Gorges". At 700 meters tall and with a base opening of only 8 meters, it's an awe-inspiring sight to see. The rocks' intense parallel colors are breathtaking, and the environment remains unspoiled. The gorge's entrance is narrow, measuring a mere 3 meters, opening at the top. It's only 30 centimeters wide in some areas and no more than 3 meters in others, with colossal walls towering 200-400 meters on both sides. The gorge extends to about 1 kilometer in length. Hiking Ha Gorge is a fantastic activity for those who love exploration. A beautiful pond created by a small waterfall is situated right before the entrance, originating from another lake above. While it's not visible from the mountain's base, climbing a few rocks will allow you to marvel at its beauty. Book your trip to enjoy the scenic Ha Gorge in Ierapetra, Crete!

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