In the square of Poligiros which is called Heroes Square is located one of the most known archeological museums in Halkidiki. In its collection visitors are able to see and admire many archeological artifacts from all over Halkidiki and other areas of Greece. Among those artefacts are included many from the old cemetery of Olinthos, from some archeological spots of Ierissos and also from Toroni and Potidaia as well.
A statue inside the museum, an unfinished “Kouros” (statue with the form of a man) of the 6th century is one exceptional piece of artwork and was found in the port of Old Stagira. There are also a sarcophagus from the late 6th century from the cemetery of ancient Akanthos, two funeral statues of a man and a woman which were found in Stratoni and many decorative pieces and relics from Potidaia and Pirgadikia as well.