Kefalonia Churches & Monasteries - Located in the southern part of Kefalonia near Valsamata and Fragata villages on the Omala plateau, stands the grand Agios Gerasimos Church. Known as the largest and most renowned monastery on the island, this church is dedicated to Saint Agios Gerasimos, the patron saint of Kefalonia. As you approach the church, you are welcomed by a beautiful garden filled with 40 ancient wells. The remains of Saint Agios Gerasimos are kept in a silver casket within the monastery, which is periodically opened by the priest for pilgrims to seek blessings, offer prayers, and kiss the remains.

Born in Mount Athos, Agios Gerasimos spent 12 years in Jerusalem before moving to Crete and Zakynthos and finally settling in Kefalonia. He died on August 15th, 1579, and was declared a saint in Greece in 1622. Agios Gerasimos was renowned for his miraculous ability to cure people with mental illnesses, and his reputation spread throughout the country. Today, the Agios Gerasimos Church in Kefalonia remains a popular pilgrimage site for those seeking blessings and healing.

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