Athens is known for its famous historical monuments, with the most visited attraction, the Acropolis, an iconic landmark of the city and Greece. All monuments symbolize part of the cultural heritage of Greece and western civilization. After all Athens is the birthplace of Democracy. There are so many things to see that they can be visited easy located near each other or get a tour guide to travel you around to explore these magical sights. Learn about different tales of Greek Mythology visiting these magical ancient buildings.
Through the centuries many monuments suffered natural disasters but others were reused as palaces, churches, mosques and residential areas. If you love theater you must visit Odeon of Herodes Atticus, where they perform musical, dancing and theatrical events during the summer to catch a feel of ancient Greece. Also you have to go to the Ancient agora where it use to be a market place with all the surrounding buildings and temples. The Panathinaikos Stadium links to the first Olympic Games  ever held here.
For those who love history, Athens is the ideal place to visit ancient monuments and learn about the history of Greece.

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