Meteora is a religious area with amazing monasteries perched on high rocks built by monks. The height of the rocks and its impressive views were the reason why many monks believed that these monasteries were the best place to meditate. There were many monasteries in Meteora, few have still remained and six are open for the public. The Great Meteoron Monastery is the most popular religious attraction, while the most easiest to reach is the Monastery Agios Stefanos.  Monasteries are also ideal for hiking rock climbing lovers to explore the wonders of the area which is very impressive. A few kilometers away from Meteora is the Theopatra Cave. An archaeological sight surrounded with beautiful nature, served as a shelter for early inhabitants thousands of years ago. If you wish to travel further located near Karditsa is the Plastira Lake also known as Little Switzerland. This beauty of nature is a dream place, and is one of the largest artificial lakes in Greece.

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