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Messinia is the the southwestern part of the Peloponnese region of Greece. It has its beauty and fertile rich land. Messinia in Peloponnese is surrounded by 140 km of coastline, with beautiful beaches, coves, picturesque harbours starting from one side with the Messinian Gulf and reaching the Ionian Sea on the other. Popular towns to visit are Kalamata perhaps the capital, Kyparissia, Pylos and the most touristic area Stoupa. There are various ancients sites and castles to discover such as Ancient Messini, the Mycenaean palace, the Navarino castle, the castle of Kyparissia and many more.
The main regions of prefecture Messinia are Kalamata, Kyparissia, Pylos, Stoupa.

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Flights - There are domestic flights arriving to Kalamata Airport from Athens 3 times a week. Also flights from Heraklion and Thessaloniki arriving to Kalamata.
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  Buses - Several KTEL buses connect Kalamata  to Athens  (4¼ hours), and other cities in the Peloponese, such as Tripoli (1¼ hours), Korinthos (2½ hours), Kyparissia (1¼ hours), Patras (4 hours), Pyrgos  (2 hours).


Train - Kalamata is the end station of the Peloponnesian railway line. There are four trains daily to Athens (6½ hours) on the inland line via Tripoli (2½ hours), Argos (3½ hours) and Korinthos (4½ hours). Also there are tow trains daily to Patras(6 hours) via Kyparissia (1¾ hours) and Pyrgos (3¼ hours).


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