Pylos is a small city in Messinia prefecture and has become lately a top destinations for visitors to enjoy their holidays due to its historical background and the amazing natural beauty surrounding the area. Pylos is amphitheatrically built in the southern opening of Navarino's bay, where the historic naval battle took place, and is defined by the island of Sfaktiria. The town of Pylos has an island character because of the particular architecture and color of its houses. Pylos attracts many tourists every summer, visiting it to admire its historical monuments and picturesque scenery. There are many sites to visit in the area such as Palaiokastro, Palace of Nestore and museums.
Accommodation you will find hotels and rooms in all types as well many restaurants and taverns where you can enjoy, among other things, fresh fish and delicacies of traditional Messinian cuisine. In Pylos, as well as in the entire prefecture of Messinia, you will find a rich traditional cuisine and many pure local products. The main agricultural products produced in Messinia are olives, grapes, raisins, figs, citrus and fruit and vegetables.