Stoupa is a beautiful seaside village of Messinia, located 45 km east of the city of Kalamata. Has about 600 permanent residents. In the summer months, the number of residents in the area is increasing considerably. Stoupa is built between two bays with sandy beaches by the foothills of Taygetos Mountain, a site surrounded by olive oil orchards. To the east of the village rises the castle, which used to be the acropolis of the ancient town of Lefktro. This castle has been conquered many times by Franks and Venetians. The newly built village of Stoupa has developed to a well-known tourist centre, as it is an ideal vacation spot, for any time of the year, offering many amenities for a relaxing holiday. The beach is just beautiful sandy, organized with clear blue waters.  For the sport lovers, Stoupa offers plenty of water sports, such as diving, water-skiing, etc. In Stoupa you can find many hotels and rooms to rent, for a comfortable and enjoyable accommodation, as well as many taverns and restaurants that cover most culinary preferences.