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The prefecture of Ilia is situated in the northwestern part of the Peloponnese, bordering the west by the Ionian Sea. The prefecture of Ilia is an ideal destination as it combines beautiful beaches and rich archaeological interest. Capital of the prefecture of Ilia is Pyrgos. You will walk in the footsteps of ancient athletes in Ancient Olympia. Be enchanted by the stone archontisa Andritsaina and the Temple of Apollo. You will enjoy the beautiful beaches of Kyllini, Katakolo, Zacharo and relax at the thermal baths of Killini and Kaiafas. The main regions prefecture of Ilias are Amaliada, Katakolo, Olympia, Pyrgos.

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How To Get There

  Buses - From the Pyrgos Bus Station there are several buses daily connecting the city to Olympia  (30 minutes), Athens (6½ hours), Patras (2 hours), Kyllini (50 minutes), Kyparissia (1¼ hours), Tripoli (3½ hours), Kalamata (2 hours).


Train - There are a few train connections between Pyrgos and Olympia


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