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Ikaria in the Eastern Aegean is a lush green island with gorgeous beaches, the perfect relaxing place. Swimming in fantastic beaches and hiking are the most popular things to do in Ikaria. Some of the beaches are secluded and naturist, such as Nas Beach. The green nature, the interesting  sightseeing and the lovely villages in the inland form nice hiking chances for visitors. Ikaria got its name from Icarus, the boy who was drowned into the sea after the sun burnt his wings when flying.  Halari Gorge, in particular, is a nice place for hiking in Ikaria, leading to the ancient Temple of Artemis and Nas beach for a swim. If you are dreaming to travel to paradise, Ikaria in Greece is the ideal destination for your holiday.
►Local products of Ikaria  include fresh honey, goat cheese and the  local wine of Pramnios Oinos.
►The main regions of the island are Agios Kirikos, Armenistis, Evdilos, Gialiskari.

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   Ferries - There are ferries departing  from Port Piraeus three times a week and it last 9 hours. Also there are ferry connections to other island including Samos, Syros, Mykonos and Chios.
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Flights - Ikaria National Airport receives only domestic flights from Athens, Limnos and Thessaloniki. The airport is 10 km away from Agios Kirikos the capital of Ikaria.
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