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Lipsi is a beautiful  island of the Dodecanese situated between Patmos and Leros. Lipsi in Greece is a small island without many tourists makes it a relaxing and peaceful destination for travellers. Lipsi holds that character from the colors of the traditional houses painted white and blue retaining the Aegean identity. There are beautiful beaches most unorganized ideal for swimming and exploring. The capital and harbor of the island is the Hora (town) located on the south side of the island.
►Local products of the island include different cheeses (mizithra, touloumotiri), thyme honey and the famous sweet dark red wine.

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  Ferries - There are routes from Port Piraeus in Athens to Lipsi 3 times a week and lasts 9 hours. If you are travelling from Athens to Lipsi, then it is more convenient for you to reach Leros by plane and then take the ferry to Lipsi.
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