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Korinthia prefecture is situated on the northeastern part of the Peloponnese and capital is Korinthos. The prefecture of Korinthia has been inhabited since prehistoric times and has experienced a great prosperity in antiquity, with the Ancient City of Korinthos, the Ancient city of Nemea and Akrocorinthos being focal points.
Korinthia in Peloponnese accepts many visitors and from mainland Greece,  who want to relax by the sea, enjoy the nature by exploring the mountain villages and forests, feel the splendor of antiquity by visiting the archaeological sites and also the Corinth Canal, a relatively modern feat of engineering. The locals are mostly doing business with agriculture and tourism. Local products are: wine, raisin, olives, oil, cheese, pasta, cherries, nuts and apples.
The main regions of prefecture Korinthia are Korinthos, Loutraki, Xylokastro.

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How To Get There

Buses - Buses that connects Athens and Corinth departs from Terminal A (100 Kifissou Str) every day and every 30 minutes. The journey takes around 90 minutes.


Train - If you wish to travel directly to Corinth from Athens Airport, you can take a direct train from the airport to the modern city. If you want to take the train from central Athens, change trains at SKA station.


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