Xylokastro, one of the most cosmopolitan villages in the region, Xylokastro stretches along the coast of the Corinthian Gulf below Mount Kyllini, also known as Ziria. It owes its name to a castle, which unfortunately has not remained. Xylokastro in Korinthia Peloponnese today has become a well-known travel destination for Athenians, and an attraction as for Peloponnesians as well. The area has been built up quite rapidly, with all the typical touristic amenities. Guests can enjoy the beautiful beach, and the famous pine woods of Pefkias that stretch along the beach. Many choose Xylokastro as a base for excursions to the mountain villages of Ziria, Trikala and the so called Gorge of Fonissa (Murderess). Xylokastro is 120 km distant from Athens and 34 km from Korinthos.

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