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Ios is a beautiful island which belongs to the Cycladic group islands of Greece. It is famous for its magnificent beaches, the picturesque village of Chora and certainly the active nightlife that attracts mostly young crowds. The island however does not provide only parties and big nightlife but also great places to relax away from big crowds. There are places in Ios where families can spend a relaxing holiday, and also places like Mylopotas with the beach bars and watersports that are fantastic for the young. Chora, the main town of Ios, is the centre of activities on the island with many shops, hotels and taverns.
►Local products of the island include different cheeses (kefalotiri, mizithra, xino, skotiri), a sesame bar with honey (pasteli), watermelon comfiture and pomigranate liquor.
►The main regions of Ios Island are Chora, Mylopotas, Ormos

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How to get there

    Ferries - Ios is easily accessible by ferry from Piraeus port in Athens and from some islands of the Cyclades, like Santorini, Sifnos, Paros and Milos.
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Flights - There is no airport on the island of Ios. The closest is Santorini National Airport (JTR), also known as Thira Airport, serves domestic flights between Athens and Santorini. It is also connected with many international airports around Europe.
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