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The prefecture of Achaia located in northern Peloponnese and belongs to the region of Western Greece. Bordered to the east with the prefecture of Corinth, in the south of the prefecture of Arcadia and in the southwest Ilia.The county in the north bordering the Gulf of Patras and the Corinthian Gulf and in the west by the Ionian Sea. Its capital is the city of Patras. Achaia in Peloponnese combines historical heritage and modern culture.
There are many things to do such as climbing the cog and experience the unique natural beauty of the gorge Vouraikos, wandering the cobblestone streets of Kalavryta with its picturesque square and the ski resort. Be enchanted by the historic monastery of Agia Lavra and the Monastery of the Great Cave. The main regions prefecture of Achaia are Aigio, Diakofto, Kalavryta, Patras.

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   Ferries - There are daily ferries from Patras to the Ionian islands of Kefallonia (2 ½ hours), Ithaki (3 ¾ hours) and Corfu (7 hours) and from Patras get to your destination in Achaia. View routes & book your ferry tickets


  Buses - The main bus station is situated at Othonos Amalias street. There are frequent buses to Athens (3 hours) via Corinth (1½ hours) and Pyrgos (2 hours). Also, there are regular connections to Ioannina (4 ½ hours), Kalavryta (2 hours), Thessaliniki (9 ½ hours), via Amfissa (3 hours), Kalamata (4 hours) via Tripoli (4 hours) and Megalopoli. Buses to Ionian islands of Lefkada and Kefalonia leave from the KTEL Kefalonia bus station at the corner of Othonos Amalias and Gerokostopoulou.


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