Thymari is housed in a traditional building of the historical center town of Lefkada. It's guests are hosted in a cobblestone courtyard among dozens of flowers and fresh herbs. Find this hidden place of taste as the location is ideal for a quiet and relaxing dinner.
Extra virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables, fresh meat and fish, are used in the preparation of the dishes. For frying, sunflower oil is being used. No canned products, commercial sauces, cooking powders or premade frozen products are being used, as well as microwave ovens. The pasta is fresh, handmade, daily prepared in our facilities. The sauces which accompany the meat dishes are made from beef bones without adding any other artificial substances.
The wine list is extensive and is consisted of labels by Greek and international winemakers. Many of wines are offered by the glass with a Vinito wine dispenser or Coravin method.

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