These are the reasons why created Kritamon restaurant was created. Kritamon, or Fennel of the Sea, as the Romans called it, is a long forgotten Mediterranean plant with roots in Ancient Greece. It’s name was determined by the similarity of its seeds with barley. Discover Greek gastronomy with superb ingredients used to create menu from our own organic farm, our beautiful herb garden in our restaurant’s courtyard and wild plants provided directly from nature.  Every ingredient on our menu of Kritamon in Archanes is produced or collected by us, our family, or local farmers, shepherds, artisan cheese makers, fishers, vintners, olive oil producers, and many other neighbors that are dedicated and passionate about the high quality of their products. 
Our homemade pastries and pastas are from generations of family recipes. Our salad dressings and sauces are created with a hint of natural sweeteners such as carob, pomegranate or grape syrup and wild thyme honey. 
We have great respect for our culinary heritage and passion to share innovative creations using our island’s magnificent culinary treasures. Kritamon is one of the best restaurants to eat while your are on holidays in Crete.

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