Explore Archanes, Heraklion Crete, and witness the remarkable transformation of this beautiful village. Located just a short distance from Heraklion, the journey to Archanes is a pleasant one. As you pass through Kato Archanes and make your way up to the main (Epano) Archanes village, you'll notice how the village has been restored and beautified with European Union funds and private initiative. The result is truly stunning, as the village retains its original features while looking great. It's no surprise that Archanes has won awards as the 2nd best restored village in Europe and the 1st in long-term development prospects.

The mayor of ten years has been instrumental in creating and encouraging the establishment of museums, arts, and cultural events, resulting in a general civic quality that is most refreshing. The friendly village people are proud of their successful efforts to keep Archanes alive, clean, traditional, and beautiful. Although there are limited places to stay in the large agricultural center, the village people will undoubtedly make you feel welcome.

Rent a car and explore Archanes, take a walk around the newly stone-paved streets to witness the blooming flowers, fruit trees, and plants on display in the yards, terraces, and balconies of the houses. If you're looking for a model for such projects, Archanes in Heraklion, Crete, is it.

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