"InterZante Real Estate Services in Greece" is a classic company with many years of experience and friction in the space of Real Estate, that is composed from a big team of collaborators with base in Zakynthos and current chairman and General Director Mr. Soulis Haris with a permanently increasing Pan-Hellenic network of advisors-collaborators.

The company, because the experience and wide knowledge of market, specialises itself in the recovery and promotion of big real estates-occasion per Greece as sale or renting of luxurious hotel units and residences, unique plots, enterprises, rural residences while allocates also extents and enterprises-occasion for tourist exploitation in coastal regions and islands.

Our company already has offered successful serious services in exigent and chosen customers the Greek and International market. “InterZante Real Estate Services in Greece” aims in the real satisfaction of all our customers that is achieved by the specialised services that we provide in combination with all energies of our collaborators for recovery of big occasions at command of our customers and their needs but also energies that stress the surplus value of real estates and accelerate the sales to their profit.