A construction company based in Heraklion, Crete where it has been operating successfully for the last 20 years .
Lamda Domisis started as a private practice and eventually developed into such a high level that it can now be considered as one of the most successful construction companies in Crete.
Combining Knowledge with a business spirit, Lazaros Hnaris ( a graduate of the National Technical University of Athens, N.T.U.A), founded LAMDA DOMISI S.A, which has developed its market strenght on the island and follows an upward course in the rest of Greece. 
The company LAMDA DOMISI S.A is specialized in activities related to Architectural, statics and engineering design for private buildings and more specifically houses, courts, mansions, hotel, offices, and their decoration if so desired. It also undertakes the construction of large private or public projects and the sale of flats or country houses.
The main concern of our company for all the above activities is the combination of good taste, functionality, seismic protection of structures and the use of high quality materials.
The executives and staff of LAMDA DOMISI S.A are distinguished for their scientific expertise, the uninterrupted following up of the field of their specialization and their consistency and keeping with the construction schedules. All the above, combined with the 20 years of experience, demonstrate the company's reliability, consistency and responsibility and guarantee the successful cooperation at all levels.