Poros, Greece is a quaint island destination located near Agistri and Aegina, making it the perfect escape for vacationers, especially those from Athens. As an idyllic Greek island, Poros boasts charming, small beaches, scenic villages, and bountiful nature. One of the top attractions in Poros is the Zoodochos Pigi Monastery, a must-see for visitors. The clock tower, situated on the highest point of the hill, is a prominent landmark visible from the harbor. Poros' beaches are easily accessible by bus, car, bicycle, or foot, and offer a range of amenities. While Love Bay and Askeli are the most popular beaches, there are several other hidden gems worth exploring. For a unique experience, head to the Lemon Forest in Poros, Greece, located just across the island's port on the Peloponnese coast. This magnificent hill, covered in lemon trees, is perfect for a refreshing walk, exploring natural waterfalls, and enjoying freshly made lemonade. For more sightseeing options in Poros, use the filter above to search for places of interest by category and location.

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