Poros is a beautiful small island near Agistri and Aegina, a great destination for weekend getaways from visitors especially from Athens. Poros in Greece is a unique island with beautiful  little beaches, picturesque villages and lush vegetation. There are few attractions to see in Poros, the most interesting the monastery of  Zoodochos Pigi. The first thing you'll see when entering the port and landmark of the island is the clock tower, built  on the highest top of the hill. All beaches in Poros are mostly organized and accessible by bus, car, bike or by foot, and offer several facilities for your needs. Love Bay and Askeli are the two most popular beaches on the island, although there are many other nice coves to discover for a swim. Give yourself the chance to find some nature of Poros by visiting the Lemon Forest located on the shores of the Peloponnese in Greece opposite the port of the island. It is a hill full of lemons and the area is ideal to explore around discovering the waters of a natural waterfall and tasting the fresh lemonade.

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