Laganas is located 9 km from the city of Zakynthos where it is the most popular and busiest tourist resort on the island. The village is seaside and ends at the longest beach of the island (9 km long) belonging to the homonymous bay. The bay of Laganas is one of the largest in Greece (20km coastline). There are plenty of olive groves, while a pine-covered seafront is the natural boundary of Laganas with Kalamaki. Tourist traffic is intense in the area during the summer months. Laganas in Zakynthos is the heart of the summer strikes, since the fun and especially the night is very lively. The biggest development of the village is located on the main road that leads to the beach. Along this street there are all kinds of shops and mainly night bars. It is worth visiting the traditional settlement of Sarakina to get to know the old architecture of Zakynthos. View all sights of Zakynthos here

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