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Nestled on the Saronic Gulf, just a stone's throw away from Athens, lies the enchanting port city of Piraeus. While often overshadowed by its famous neighbor, Piraeus is a hidden gem that offers a unique blend of ancient history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking coastal beauty.

With a history dating back over 2,500 years, Piraeus has witnessed the rise and fall of empires, making it a treasure trove for history enthusiasts. Begin your journey by exploring the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, which houses an impressive collection of artifacts from ancient Greece. Marvel at the intricate sculptures and pottery that provide a glimpse into the lives of the people who once inhabited this land. Next, make your way to the ancient port of Zea, also known as Pasalimani. Stroll along the promenade lined with charming cafes and tavernas, and soak in the picturesque views of the marina filled with yachts and fishing boats. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Mikrolimano district, where you can indulge in fresh seafood while enjoying the idyllic atmosphere of this quaint fishing village.

No visit to Piraeus would be complete without savoring its culinary delights. The city boasts an array of traditional tavernas and modern restaurants that cater to all tastes. For those seeking a more immersive culinary adventure, embark on a food tour that takes you through the bustling markets of Piraeus. Sample local delicacies, interact with friendly vendors, and learn about the ingredients that make Greek cuisine so unique.

Explore Piraeus, a contemporary hub with endless options for ferry travel to Italy and the incredible Greek islands. Purchase your ferry ticket at one of the many kiosks, travel offices, or canteens. Don't miss the Sunday flea market! With easy access to Piraeus via the metro or bus from Athens Airport, your exploration awaits!

►The main regions of Piraeus are Mikrolimani, Pasalimani.

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Piraeus is the busiest of the three ports around Athens and is a major hub for ferries to the Greek islands, Crete, and select ports in Peloponnese. For those flying into Athens, Rafina is the closest port and offers ferries to the Cyclades islands and southern Evia. Lavrion, located near Cape Sounion, operates ferries to Kea and Lemnos throughout the year, as well as to some Cyclades islands during the summer season. Discover the convenience of Ferries in Piraeus and start your Greek island adventure today.

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Perhaps you arrive at Port Piraeus by ferry and wish to go to Athens; there are alternatives to public transportation. Here are the best ways to travel to Athens:

The bus network in Piraeus is extensive and connects the city with its surrounding neighborhoods and attractions. The buses are operated by the Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) and offer a cost-effective way to travel. Bus stops are clearly marked, and timetables are displayed, making it easy to plan your journey. Tickets can be purchased from kiosks or directly from the bus driver. It is important to note that tickets are not sold on board, so make sure to have your ticket before boarding. The buses are equipped with air conditioning, making your journey comfortable even during hot summer days.

When using the bus system, it is advisable to consult a map or use a navigation app to determine the best route for your destination. Some popular bus routes in Piraeus include the X96, which connects the city with Athens International Airport, and the 040, which takes you to the picturesque neighborhood of Kastella. Buses typically run from early morning until midnight, with reduced frequency during weekends and public holidays.

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The metro system in Piraeus is part of the Athens Metro network and provides a quick and efficient way to travel within the city and beyond. The metro stations in Piraeus are conveniently located near major landmarks and transportation hubs. To use the metro, you need to purchase a ticket from the vending machines located at the entrance of each station. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes and allows unlimited transfers between metro lines. The metro in Piraeus operates from approximately 5:30 am until midnight, with extended hours on weekends. The frequency of trains varies depending on the time of day, with more frequent service during peak hours. The metro is a popular choice for travelers heading to Athens city center or exploring other parts of Greece.

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If you wish to venture beyond Piraeus and explore other parts of Greece, the train system is an excellent option. The Piraeus Railway Station offers connections to various destinations, including Athens, Thessaloniki, and other major cities. The trains are comfortable and equipped with amenities such as air conditioning and onboard facilities. Tickets can be purchased at the station or online in advance. The train schedule varies depending on the destination, so it is advisable to check the timetable in advance. Trains usually run from early morning until late evening, with limited service during weekends and public holidays. Whether you're planning a day trip or a longer journey, the train system provides a reliable and convenient mode of transportation.

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