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Laconia is a prefecture of south east Peloponnese, its capital is the town of Sparta. Laconia is one of the most historic prefectures of Peloponese. Here is located the famous Sparta and the area of Mani. Many Byzantine Castles and churches are in the towns of Mystras and in Monemvasia. The famous cave of Dyros is also located in Laconia.
You will be experience the beach Gythio and Areopolis unique and be enchanted by the unique Elafonisos and Cape Tainaro, the southern tip of Greece.
The prefecture of Laconia in Peloponnese has a modern road network. It shares borders to the north with Arcadia, to the west with Messinia, and to the east it has a Myrtoon Sea coastline, and to the south a Laconicos bay coastline. The main regions prefecture of Laconia are Gerolimenas, Gythio, Monemvasia, Sparta.

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  Buses - The city has a well organized, modern bus station at the east end of Lykourgou. There are several daily buses to Athens (3¼ hours) via Korinthos  (2 hours), Gythio  (1 hour), Neapoli (3 hours), Tripoli (1¼ hours), Geraki  (45 minutes) and Monemvasia (2½ hours). Also there is a service to Kalamata (2½ hours), Gerolimenas  (3 hours) via Areopoli  (2 hours) and one daily service to the caves at Pyrgos Dirou (2¼ hours).


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