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Delphi  is one of the most popular destinations in Greece. It has many archaeological sights worth visiting such as the Temple of Delphi, the Ancient Theater and the Archeological Museum which hosts excavations from Delphi. In the village you will find all kind of shops, hotels and restaurants, a great place for relaxing holidays. Near Delphi you can explore the other villages Arahova, Distomo and others. From Athens there are daily excursions to Delphi  to visit the archeological sights.
The local products of Delphi include Parnassos feta chesse, fir and thyme honey, yogurt and fresh fish.

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How to get there

   Buses - From Athens to Delphi you have to take the KTEL bus from  Liossion station. The journey lasts about 3 hours.


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