Welcome to Savvas Ceramics ! The pottery art is deservedly presented from the past until nowadays by Savvas family, who is trying with eagerness, imagination and will for artistic creation, to put her own small stamp in the Rhodian traditional section.
We are ardent supporters of the tradition pottery craft to a new era. We are working carefully, in order to ensure the uniqueness of our creations. At the same time, we are trying to interpret this essential need for a qualitative improvement of our surroundings. Therefore, our next steps are rationally, but also sensitively, planned ahead. Most importantly, our small industry maintains that tradition is not a byword for repetition. Quite the opposite. The evolution of pottery craft through the ages is an incontestable evidence that proves the power of traditional arts, and manifests the unaffected beauty of genuine handicrafts as well as the artistry and skill of their creators.

In order to achieve our goals here in Savvas Ceramics, we persistenly demand our small industry to prove alwasy effective, consistent, and fully co-operative with all our customers, who come from diverse cultural contexts.
Pointing to quality and reliability, we believe in every constructive co-operation, from wherever it will be asked.

In the factory you see how pots are made. Meet the friendly owner and get to know the secrets of pottery making. In the shop there is a large collection of pots and cups. Visiting this charming factory and shop was one of the top moments during our holiday.
See the our  Ceramic art  and  Provide museum copies, historical icons and many copies of Greek mythology.