Akrogiali this name is indeed right for this tavern that stands only 5 meters from the beach. It is the oldest tavern in the region of Kato Zakros, the building that was built in 1898 and had the name, Maria. They give big importance to quality in Cretan gastronomy and to all the materials that they use, taking into consideration always the local production and chastity. The oil is from the olive trees of Nikos, the vegetables from the farmers of the region as well as the meet from cattle-breeders of the region. As long as the fresh fish, it is daily provided by the captains Manolis, Giorgos and Kostas that is given to us straight from their caiques. Here, next to the sea, you will find us ready to serve you from early in the morning to enjoy your breakfast or coffee and as the day rolls we serve you refreshments or fresh juice and for the older people a cold beer or ouzo with chosen mezedes.

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