True to the philosophy of World Street Food, Estrella became a symbol of comfort food with its all-day breakfast & brunch menu giving the Athenian public a delicious frenzy. The cherished all-day Estrella restaurant in Syntagma, Athens, is housed in a beautiful neoclassical building on Romvis pedestrian zone, attracting in its casual environment passers-by and food lovers who gather for breakfast or brunch. The original menu includes eggs cooked any style, pancakes, sweets, burgers, pasta, fresh seasonal fruit juices and beverages which complements ideally the concept. Try the renowned bougatsan (a croissant with a bougatsa cream filling, sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon) that was first launched in Estrella Thessaloniki and the breakfast pizza made in a greek sesame-seed bread ring (koulou Thessalonikis) with fried eggs, graviera cheese, sausage, mayonnaise and bacon.

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