Behind the Monastiraki Metro station, the pedestrian street Adrianou, in Monastiraki, there is another Athenian station of culinary delights and entertainment , the traditional cafe-tavern Maiandros. Inspired by the ancient symbol of Hellenism and captivated by the majesty of the Acropolis exactly in front of it, it offers traditional Greek hospitality courses. Early in the morning it greets its patrons who wish to taste coffee accompanied by homemade sweets in the pedestrian area, in the cozy interior or at its «magic» roof which offers view to the Acropolis in Athens, and from noon onwards the baton preferences take the delicious dishes, the hearty varieties, homemade stews and traditional specialties, all prepared with care and the freshest ingredients. From 18:00 onwards the spirits rises and the night becomes very interesting with live Greek music.

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