At Porto restaurant we work hard to ensure every customer's experience is a positive and memorable.
Our aim has always been to create a fantastic environment where anybody can come and enjoy fresh, original Greek and mediterranean dishes.

Today’s Porto restaurant stands on the site of the original taverna built by the owner’s father in 1951. In those days, it was one of the only two tavernas in Kassiopi and a popular place for the local fishermen to meet at the end of a days work, swap “tall” stories and talk about the old days. It was not until 1962 that the first tourist arrived in Kassiopi, inevitably by caique or yacht since the road from Corfu Town remained unpaved until 1967, making it a long and arduous three and a half hour journey by bus. The construction of the airport in 1969 really put Corfu on the holiday destinations map and many more visitors began to arrive in Kassiopi.
The tree in front of the restaurant is over 250 years old.