Discover the gastronomy of Crete at the Restaurant Stefanis located at the village of Krasi. Offers its customers a very traditional authentic flavors of Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine. The devotion to tradition for local pure raw materials and the wide variety of flavors and unique combinations of menu to the maximum Cretan cuisine leaves impressions to customers and makes their stay memorable.
The Cretan diet almost famous over the centuries brings out the unique flavor and nutritional value requiring knowledge and care in the preparation of meals and special attention to the selection of raw materials.
If you're looking for a truly Traditional Cretan tavern with a particularly warm and friendly tavern "Stefanis" in the village Krasi of Heraklion is definitely your first choice.
Give yourself the opportunity to try the Cretan cuisine and then you will be offered a delicious trip to the sweet delicacies of Crete.