When «Apocalypsis» restaurant begun its course in 2010 in Patmos, the aim was to create a haven of genuine Greek flavors on the island. A place where travelers and locals could enjoy Greek food, sometimes creatively presented and others, married to the culture of a different cuisine, but always based to seasonal ingredients and raw material from the Dodecanese islands. Hence his name: a profound Apocalypse of a modern gastronomic trip to Greece.

In time, this restaurant in Grikos, Patmos, evolved into a spot for people who were looking Greek gastronomy in a cuisine that has no unnecessary make-up, in which each dish is balanced and at the same time, enthusiastic. The insistence on the freshness of the ingredients, the continuous research for quality in raw material, the harmonious integration of increasingly more local products into the menu and the application of sophisticated cooking techniques to traditional Greek recipes, are the four elements that form «Apocalypsis» identity.

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