Greek cuisine and especially Cretan is an important part of our cultural heritage. “We cook with traditionally Cretan way with love! The  goal is to convey the timeless value of eating properly”
This phrase contains the philosophy of the people who make up the Pasiphae. A basic prerequisite for excellent results is the excellent raw materials. We buy  them straight away  from Cretan producers and that’s also a part of our  philosophy. They could not come from another place.
Quality is for us the most important part of our philosophy. Where everything starts.  Beyond that, the Cretan recipes themselves lead us to produce dishes with taste and nutritional value
Generally In a restaurant, the philosophy except the place,  is transferred alsp  to people. Our Cretan music, the colors, the decor reminisce of Crete. We believe that gastronomy finally produces emotions. Especially when even the environment contributes to it.