The Greek cuisine apart from the use of fresh herbs and herbs that give a special flavor in cooking, but also the fresh salads. The Greek climate is ideal for the growth of herbs, indeed most were known in ancient Greece.
In Estella Tavern in Astros, aromatics of Greek nature generously Parnonas play the main role in forming a Greek quality kitchen and high claims.
Aromatic of Greek cuisine, basil, oregano, mint, mint, parsley, dill, celery, thyme, savory, chives, rosemary, almost used in all versions of Greek cuisine. Flavor roast veal, offset the taste of fish, give flavor to soups, salads offer intensity, creating exceptional sauces and marinades. Many of them are transformed into attractive and delicious liqueur, while the use of more referred to as beneficial to health.
Experience gastronomy and visit Estella in Astros and apart from the standard menu, enjoy the daily specials. Our philosophy is to constantly renew our passion for creative, healthy and quality Greek cuisine and your interest with daily inspirations and surprises.

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